After six months with Google’s Project Fi, I’d switch to it if I could @Nicole’s review

As with any carrier, you can port over an existing number or opt for a new one. But there’s a caveat if you’re a current Google Voice user. If you decide to use Fi with a non-Google Voice number — say, a primary phone number or a new line altogether — then by signing up with Fi, you’re forfeiting the use of that Google Voice number forever. That’s it. No take-backs. For me, keeping my Google Voice number was pretty important — I sometimes use it as a secondary number for work — so I decided to assign my Fi service to it. Which is fine, but I wish I didn’t have such a conundrum over whether to keep my Google Voice number alive just so I could use Fi. [Ed. Correction: We’re told that you can actually transfer that Google Voice number to a separate Google account if you want to keep it, so all is not lost.]

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After six months with #Google ProjectFi, I’d  switch to it if I could @Nicole’s review

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