Democratisation of #FashionWeek if you were to redesign T#runway what would it look like

Recently, Burberry, Vetements, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford have all announced that they will no longer be conforming to the traditional fashion calendar. Vetements will be showing its women’s and men’s collections in January and June, two months ahead of the rest of Paris Fashion Week’s shows. Burberry and Tom Ford, meanwhile, will be releasing their new-season wares for sale as soon as they’ve done the rounds on the catwalk. In a statement, Burberry’s Christopher Bailey said these changes “will allow us to build a closer connection between the experience that we create with our runway shows and the moment when people can physically explore the collections for themselves.”

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Democratisation of #FashionWeek if you were to redesign T#runway what would it look like.  Can we honestly look at the pros and cons of the present system and make not just advancements but adjustment
Do we need to address #Logistics, #supplychain,  #calendar #runway #access #models # PR # Socialmedia #engagement #retailprocess or do we  simply need clothing people actually want t buy and can afford to  buy.  Is it enough to  simply adjust  or do we need to overhaul, improve of go all out to INNOVATE?

What would you do with technology if you coluld. 

We’re overhauling  Nyukco for our next stage and these are questions we are  asking what will the creative sector need in 3-6 years


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