How Smartphones (and Reality) Are Killing Off the Fashion Show!- or allow me to gloat- I told you so!

“Everyone drank the Kool-Aid for too long, but it’s just not working anymore,” Ms. von Furstenberg said last week. “We are in a moment of complete confusion between what was and what will be. Everyone has to learn new rules.”

This is turning out to be fashion’s season of existential crisis. Suddenly designers are asking big questions about “purpose” and “effect,” re-examining the system on which they rest. And they are doing it in the cold, blue light of the smartphone’s glare. They are doing it, arguably, because of the smartphone’s glare.

Complaints about the fashion show system, a monthlong twice-yearly four-country treadmill to see clothes six months before they reach stores, have been around for a long time: Fashion week is too tiring, too old-fashioned, too crowded. But while fashion people have largely complained about the effect the system has on their own lives and jobs and creativity, today’s problems are driven by a force even more powerful than simple self-interest: financial interest.


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Which is to say, the buying public.

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With a changing dynamic what  will be the fate of  stakeholders that have nothing to do with fashion per se and how will that affect the "$900 million in total economic impact each year, including an estimated $532 million in direct visitor spending"

The shortest distance between two point a is a straight line – In Fashion that means simply the product  to the consumer you do not NEED fashion week. While business interest in fashion will welcome this change-  their is a group especially PR and social interest that will herald it as the fall of the sector. 

That fear has for too long held designers hostage!
I recently sat in a meeting where such an entity made no effort to show his fear of being irrelevant. 

Desperation has sent the  Fashion sector is in an  upheaval . On eth one hand Designers are FINALLY being "innovative"  for Kanye  ticket-buying consumers, who will fill out the more than 18,000 ticket buying consumer payed up to $8,584 on resale sites- (The official price of the tickets was $50 to $135.) Those who cannot make it, the was filmed and screened in theaters in 25 countries, including Macedonia and Australia.  Burberry and Hilfiger (and I am sure many more) will not only show immediate (fall) but they will also show direct to consumer.  Then there is  Diane von Furstenberg, who  will
"invite select guests to filter in and out for over an hour (or to stay and drink and schmooze) to see vignettes of Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid, among other major models, acting out real-life situations, choreographed by Stephen Galloway" 

For indie designer This is business as usual. This is how they present. Except now the  are competing with designers in their niche across the globe as well as more establish brands! With this challenge   they now more than ever need to  resolve production issues tah has crippled them  

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