Prince: ‘I was right about the internet – tell me a musician who’s got rich off it’

When our correspondent was abruptly summoned to an audience with the legendary artist in his Minneapolis studios, he had no idea what to expect. Certainly not being asked to duet on Sign o’ the Times …

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Do you blame the internet or do you blame the musicians for not exploring and mastering the tool! The fact is many musicians do not get rich offline either. 

There was a female who did over $1 mill independently and several others. The challenge is that most musicians and creative have a one track pre-conceived notion as to how to extract VALUE from their craft… so the numerous ways to make money online not only evade them. We also there is a digital aristocracy emerging who are essentially digital Lord in a new feudal system. earning their wealth off the hard work of others WITHOUT contributing anything or even y raw material tools or resources needed to produce… 

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