CES Day 1 Fashion Tech Round-up

Day one of the Consumer Electronics show is coming to a close. So what
happened today in terms of fashion tech? 

FitBit Announces a Smartwatch

Image via FitBit

Up-close look at the @Fitbit blaze #CES2016 #FashionTech #Wearables

— Electric Runway (@Electric_Runway) January 8, 2016

Evolving their presence on your wrist, FitBit debuted the FitBit Blaze
today, a fitness-tracker/smartwatch hybrid. This $200 wearable combines
everything you love about FitBit’s SmartTrack technology with the
notification power of a smartwatch. Receive text, calendar, and call
notifications and control your music. Bonus: it promises five-day battery

Misfit Debuts Specter & Ray  

Image via Misfit

Our friends at Misfit continue to make noise, first with their debut of Ray
yesterday and the announcement of Specter today. A departure from their
signature circular pendant, Ray is a smart fitness tracker that looks more
like a stylish FitBit. The device tracks fitness and activity levels as
well as monitors sleep patterns and can be worn around the neck or on the

Image via MisFit

Today, the company followed up with Specter, a pair of headphones that
double as a fitness tracker. In addition to promising high-quality sound,
the headphones also track steps, distance, calories, and sleep duration and
depth. Like other Misfit products, Specter can also be set-up as a smart
button that interfaces with your phone to command specific actions via the
company’s Link App. The headphones are scheduled to hit store shelves in
spring of 2016.

Image via Misfit

Oura Ring Kicking Ass

Image via Oura Ring

Touting itself as the world’s first ring-sized wellness computer, the Oura
ring is a smart wearable focused on improving your sleep patterns. Its
understated design doesn’t announce itself as tech, but the ring’s
technical capabilities seems to outsmart the rest: The smart computer
inside can store data even when not tethered to a smart phone. While the
company hasn’t announced anything new this week, they’re getting a lot of
media attention for their fashion-first approach �� 

What fashion tech headlines did we miss? Tweet us @Electric_Runway ��

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