$2750 for access? @nyftlab application process explains lack of innovation in #NYC #Fashiontech

The New York Fashion Tech Lab recruits women-led early and growth-stage companies where access to senior level executives at fashion retailers could have a meaningful impact on the company’s growth prospects.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.nyftlab.com

$2750 for access? @nyftlab application process explains lack of innovation in #Fashiontech  #diversitymatters #nyc –  For several reasons NYC’s Approach to a strong foothold in the global  fashion sector has thus far missed the target as to who are the important players in fashion’s future. Beyond the hype there are no breakout stars that  justify the investment and support.  Essential NYC’s Fashion tech  has  a passionate affair brewing between retail and technology,  They have all but left out  NYC unique and broad scope of fashion participants. Forgetting that at the end of the day people buy  apparel.  

As BOF cited Fashion is currently
"a $1.2 trillion market size, expected to grow to $2 trillion by 2018. To put that into perspective, the global SaaS market is around $20 billion. Cloud services is $131 billion. And enterprise software is $120 billion."

So there is  a lot at stake.  
Ironically I shared this as part of our ongoing  effort to educate fashion professionals who understood the challenges of fashion, on the terminology used,   and was alerted to the requirements for application as a result. It was not just the application price ($250) of the application fee but the reason for it-  "review of readiness by partners", 
BEFORE PARTICIPATION… isn’t that what tech accelerators and incubators are about… reviewing prepping for readiness.

I checked for a program…
This is not a pitch 
this is vying for an opportunity to "Demo Day, where fashion retail executives, investors, and press". So essentially you are paying for access

Fashion still misses some of the key reasoning behind the tech  culture.  

Sorry but I”ll continue prepping  the fashion  core for application to Ycombinator and ERANYC

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