Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About the Most Frightening Part of Amazon Handmade?

What’s stopping Amazon from using this platform to track the newest trending products by emerging artisans and designers, as they’ve done to other sellers in the past?

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.huffingtonpost.com

Artisans do not understand the value in what they offer.  So let me ask this. What’s stopping Etsy from selling that same info to large businesses.  Heck  many manufacturers already scrape Etsy  offering  the items for fraction of the price, many times using the  images from the artist themselves. YET  Amazon added handmade by  watching trends. Sure that deep data is invaluable  and i suspect that the truth is, that the data is some how  already  being made available. 

What has bothered me and  continues to bother me is the stipulation that the  items must be "made by hand", is NOT reflected in the prices.  Another is that  "Made by hand" cannot be "factory" done…  the only way  handmade can become possible at these prices  is through the development of production procedures! 

All in all artisan should test  Amazon handmade and adjust to suit their needs… but as the article says… please set up your own website first!

I recommend a self hosted WordPress.  and I am please with my host www.Dreamhost.com (use "NYukCO") for a discount 

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