#BrownvilleStratupFund $5000 #Pitch #Competition #Hyperlocal #Diversity #Neighborhood #startupfund

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#BrownvilleStratupFund $5000 #Pitch #Competition  #Hyperlocal  #Diversity #Neighborhood #startupfund | Deadline October 30th | Pitch November 13 

$5000 with a business that has been prepped can go a long way. I intend to support this but there is a reason pitches are held after prep.
The question is
– Do I compete …  there is one idea that will serve this extremely well. Plus I really love hacks and pitching competitions…
– Do I Prep a group  Local Business development  is what we specialize in … we’re already doing this and have a number of businesses we can work with. 
– Do I offer official support via NYukCo as an event sponsor… It’s time to step up our visibility…
All thre options will answer our "WHY", which makes this a tough  decision.  

BTW we’re meeting AT Stratosphere Studios Cafe Lounge, 227 Utica Avenue at 6pm today (oct 14th) we go live at 7pm
for part 2 the conversation on Financial support for neighborhood projects -(see part 1 at www.NyukCo.com/findingfunding ). I’ll be adding this to the agenda. 

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