Public Art Private Controversy- The “white washing” of Brand Brooklyn

What goes together better than ice cream, sunshine and neighborhood camaraderie? Ice cream, sunshine, neighborhood camaraderie and public art, that’s what. Thanks to Mike Perry — the illustrator extraordinaire

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It was not  called Graffiti but public art,and that was  the first  indication that there was an  issue.  The sharp contrast between the  article and the comments- tell a lot about the present  undercurrents – 
FROM THE COMMENTS "It’s disgraceful that you do the developer’s p.r. for them. First, your facts wrong — Frank Gehry did not oversee the whole project. He was used as a trendy prestige element to sell it to the city’s power brokers. Gehry was crass and his designs were ridiculed. He once infamously said he looked forward to building a neighborhood where none existed. This came as news to thousands who lived and worked there. Most are now gone, the victims of misused eminent domain. These trite, happy murals and the artists who ignore the project’s destructiveness are very much the new Brooklyn. Displacing people, refusing to provide low-income housing per years of promises, and adding to the Brooklyn brand without providing things Brooklynites clamor for are all business as usual for the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park project. Shame on you, Katherine Brooks, for being a cog in Forest City’s onerous machine."

See on Scoop.itBrooklyn By Design


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