#Selffunding #fashiontech #Startup that takes a direct stab at the local supply chain- globally

Fashioning Change EMBRACE DA BS-

Simply put the fashion items offered products are well designed for Fit, Fashion and functionailty and  that should be the only reason you need to purchase.   The items in these pre sale intros are at a steal, (designers use sweat equaity to cut cost)  and one time offers.  However  Please scroll down to read about WHY you should support! 


New Youk has it’s share of Fashion incubators and accelerators, few allow for or cater to the organic Cottage industry that exist.  We chose to start as a pre-stratup lab project  so that we can do what we do best… custom design products that fit our consumers needs. In this case our consumers are our design colleagues  in  less than 3 months we have made significant progress and can stand toe to toe with others well funded projects. However  to move forward we require non eguity funding.  So we tappedin to what we do best design great product, service sand merchandise and offer it as a pre-sale startup to our network! … Thanks for your support 
Bonnie Sandy ..
Creative Industrialist, Fashion Designer, Fashion Tech  Advocate  & Project lead 

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.nyukco.com

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