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“Of course there is a downside to everything. While the idea is encouraging, and the opportunity is great (designers attended this event free of charge) who exactly are “the buyers”? The Shop, Exhibit A and NMFV come to mind. That can’t be all though, right? Three shops that mostly operate on a consignment basis? (NMFV does some wholesale buying, but I wasn’t able to meet anyone anyway so we don’t count). No designer that I have spoken to has said that they met with significant buyers. It would have been nice to see some regional or international department store reps present. I think that is what the designers were expecting as well. Yet, if say Macy’s was there and needed 500 pieces of a particular style in a week, which Trinidad based designer could fulfill such an order?

Sourced through Scoop.it from: blog.nomorefashionvictims.com

This is a global issue – there are some  core types of Fashion  events a design label would encounter and need to consider engaging in. 

The fashion tech event, confernce, summit and/or Hack i have attended these and frankly I love hacks but  their were not teh right mix of fashion, bsuienss  and tech… The fashion tech conferences today  tend to be skeweed towards luxury retail brands and so the info just  does not apply. ost of teh audience usually cannot even follow the discussions. Ther is a lot of opportunity there
FASHION SOURCING – Here designer go to find resources and helps— they cannot be "showing or selling to consumers’ or for that matter buyers’ they  are there to learn and absorb, to shop their suppliers. Too many organizers htake  only their own concerns and needs into account and the designers are  a line item in their budget  If you’re doing a Fashion Busienss conference their is not room for anything else…  Fashion as Market – Trade events where fashion designers get  to present BUYERS and only buyers –  samples are  ahead of the  current season with shipping  immediate (stock required for future) When you are selling to trade you need to concentrate on Selling to trade… no tim e to be cute and social. 
Fashion as EVENT  – the various consumer focused trade endeavors including  Evnding &  Popups and consumer shows… Items are  current and priced to move…  they train  consumers to depend on  sales rather than regularly shop your store.. They are neded but ned to be redesigned. 
Fashion as conversation – Story telling – Think Fashion week, Fashion Film, Where the DESIGNERS present  their vison and statement… They choose their models , runway etc…  it can also be installaion  etc
Fashion as Entertainment where patrons pay to  be entertained – The  designers do not organize, but are TALENDT and shoudl be paid… hint if there is a door price and a billing of "Fashion" then  designers are talent! PAY THEM..  I hav eparticipate din my share of shows and they are necessary  at a certain oint to help develop your style and voice. However They cost… 

There is a lot of work BEFORE presenting a trade conference. Trade should NOT be a charitable project there is a conflict of interest…  if you want a charity event throw a show  or auction… 

I am presently in discussion  to create a couple of such fashion related conferences and trade events.

The first I trade event I ever organized, was in Trinidad circa 1987/88 and I was a little over 20 but 
there were buyers (Courtesy ICD) I remember a buyer from Canada wanting my  2 piece dye extracted suits… I had no idea what  to expect or how to navigate. I was so happy that I was scheduled to leave for Fashion Institute shorthly after. 

Today  I have attended, partcipated organized several fashion related business events including a trade show sponsored by Macy’s. We gut  5 businesses in to see their buyers teh first year and a couple more teh second.   FYI,  if Macy’s selects your product there is a process that takes months, you need to  be prepped to be on the floors and have financial backing to cover your space and opportuniyt… Tehen there is compliance issues as well as global shipping challenges.  It’s not only the  ability to  deliver but a solid business plan and finacial backing. 
First up though the  quality  control and sizing and other compliance issues… need to be addressed. This article was brought to my attention by a  designer colleague from Trinidad in our Global indie fashion group on Facebook 

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