Google and Apple don’t really compete – understanding a company’s positioning

wants to sell lots of phones and computers at prices that maximize its profits over the long-term (that’s key — Apple, like most successful tech companies, plans way beyond the current quarter and year). It makes good-looking, basic apps that it builds into its hardware because that’s part of making sure they just work. But it’s all about the hardware.


Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google wants data. It can’t get enough of the stuff. The more data, the better. In fact, three of the top-10 free apps on Apple’s iTunes App Store are from Google. Zero of them are from Apple.


What’s you  company’s miission and how do you plan to make money while you execute? These two tech companies have completely differing missions many often pit them against each other but they have differnt  ethos and so make money in different ways!  We’re asking that of local creative businesses, especiall y  fashion designers as we move into the next stage of NYukCo… You mission  informs your vison and  all that you do to achieve them  both!

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