did @bedstuygateway wear #blackfashion at #‎AprilisBlackFashionMonth‬

I was shocked to receive an inbox message as to the removal of a comment from Bed Stuy Gateway Bid .  I had not commented on their post (to my knowledge) but on postsi saw in the streams of a friend’s feed. Censoring comments is not open engagement.   I was not off topic, I simply  did not say what was expected.  

To have those “removed” so that the person I was commenting to  may not have even seen them is in so many ways feels like a voliation of free speech.. SMH


Social media is not the old vanguard and to believe that you can do the same old practices within many community organisation of silencing or ignoring valid concerns  that do not fall in line with one’s agenda is a topic this organization needs to review. hence my decision to addess this publicly.  Fashion is not a tool for others to fall on when they need a PR whipping angle. It is the lively hood of many. 

you cannot decide it’s reality, all too often those who claim to support, disrespect, the craft, the creativity, the industry, it’s members. They would never take this approach with doctors or lawyers. 
It offends me. 

When other designers do not like what is going on, they contact me. So  I am well aware of this effort. I simply choose to ignore it .  However when you are  to address an  issue the universe will slap you  wide awake.  Had I not received this inbox I would have ignored it! I decided to make the message I received  in my inbox public.  


“Good afternoon Bonnie. I removed your comments from the feed on the BIDs page as our page is for the promotion of local businesses and items related to the small business community within the BID’s commercial corridor. While your opinions are significant, the posting related to the kickoff press conference for the event. If you would like to have your opinions shaped into one of the month’s symposiums, I can communicate that to the events organizers on your behalf. Wishing you a great Easter/Passover Holiday Weekend. – Michael Lambert “



“I have been an advocate for change within the Black and Brooklyn sector since the early 2000’s. I considered my thoughts and opinions especially those i express valid and based on expertise and knowlege. It is my style to be open and challenge blatant disregard of the value of Black designers especially within Brooklyn’s “New” fashion sector.

Still, I did not respond to your post, I responded on the feed of a friend. Social media means OPEN ENGAGEMENT. Which means dealing with issues put forth publicly and in a public manner.

How could you have a press conference to celebrate Black fashion and not be dressed in Black Fashion.  I’m not even sure which comment was deleted… I had made  comments on three issues

1) I would take bets that those in the press conference were not wearing black designers.
2) I’d love o see a list of their “black designers”, I’d take bets it the usual one sided uninformed, unresearched approach was taken.
3)  If serious then one really needs to address the real issues faced by  black designers. The least of which is press and rather, sourcing & manufacturing & distribution issues 

I chose not to engage this event on any your page’s timeline, as they had disrespected many. Many designers had inboxed me pissed that they had not been contacted.  I decided not to say  a word, it was not my business.  When designers  realize their value they will step up and be heard.  Apparently it seems you are using a FB account as a business channel.  


To remove a response not because it is invalid , but because it does not suit your agenda… speaks volumes about this effort. I am not even sure which comment was removed. I have questioned the legitameacy of support for “black fashion” and challenged whether those in images were even wearing garments by Black designers. It is a discussion I often have about current Presentation practices that stress PR rather than solutions. Efforts that deal with Bloggers and press and not the designers within the sector.
Did you guys even do a search  for Black designers. 

To have those not involved or knowlegeable about BROOKLYN fashion History, and specifically Brooklyn BLACK Fashion History and it’s current state decide who and how it is celebrated defies many principles celebrated within the Nguzo Saba celebrated and practiced by “black designers”.

Brooklyn’s black design is not about retail as it is about cottage industry. I seriously doubt there are any strong designer boutiques serving the black design community, existing today. In my opinion any funds, efforts and resources should go towards much needed solutions for the black fashion sector. Should anyone want an honest and informed opinion feel free to contact me…

I will have to decline a platform for April since April as I have learned as a designer and organizer of BLACK as well as BROOKLYN fashion designers, is the month many are prepping for their summer and prom season. 

We will be doing BKSTyleCon again in September should you BID wish to engage in sexisting solutions.

I myself am currently in the process of organizing a fashion tech pop up Lab, in the Brooklyn area. Should you wish to support a solution that is actually working  and can be adopted I and others will gladly sit at the  table with your organization. 

If you are interested in getting links and documentation to Black Fashion specifically in the Brooklyn area (especially since 1996) I will pull together such links when time permits. Also a simple search for Black fashion and Brooklyn Fashion would have revealed a solid trail as I  and otehrs have laid down over the years. 

Again I ask How many at the press conference actually wore items from ocal Black Fashion  Designers, designers do not need words they need sales!


@bedstuygateway Supporting black designers means BUYING and WEARING  items from black desigenrs. It’s a simple question how many especially, organizers at that press conference actually wore garments by  black fashion designers… and who were  those designers #buyblack. #‎AprilisBlackFashionMonth‬

See on Scoop.itBlack Fashion Designers


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