#Fashion #Apparel consumers are going to choose, create and design their own wardrobes.

1 RecommendedRecommendRecommendStyle Canvas is a set of tools designed to empower  customers to better select  their apparel as well as help  stylist better guide clients!  It’s designed specifically to aid in digital  and social commerce, which while extending the clients options … Continue reading →

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Just as i launch  Style Canvas! "#consumerdevelopment  training allowing  today’s #Fashion and Apparel customers to  choose create and design  their own wardrobes will need to be a part of the future fashion scope,  if  Li Edelkoort  manifesto on why "fashion is obsolete" is correct.  In her words – "The consumers of today and tomorrow are going to choose for themselves, creating and designing their own wardrobes," she writes. 

Still, I  do not see fashion as obsolete so much as evolving…  that  I have often felt like a lone wolf  addressing  solutions to almost all the key points! .  Customers creating is not new.  Across the globe "Bespoke" design dressmakers have been facilitating this for decades’. What is lacking is training in design on a level the consumer can embrace…
StyleCanvas came from customers  desire to be fulfilled. To design  or at least  codesign their own  items! 

 "Ten reasons why the fashion system is obsolete" http://www.dezeen.com/2015/03/02/li-edelkoort-manifesto-anti-fashion-obsolete/

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