@tessholliday #tessmunster #plussized #effyourbeautystandards but @Torrid SMH bad #fit is #BADFit!

 Tess Holliday went girlie-glam in a new campaign for Torrid—and we got a behind-the-scenes look a…

Source: www.eonline.com

@tessholliday #tessmunster #plussized #effyourbeautystandards but @Torrid SMH bad #fit is #BADFit!  Yes I loved the images, but  the  I spotted the  bad FIT!  It’s a side effect from almost  30 years fitting  women and helping them with their wardrobe needs! Trust me  the arm is no place for a princess seamline detail! The jacket also looks like it cannot button!  So what is Jane Public to do but trust the manufacturer…   Well you can empower yourself … Learn how to see, select  and shop, even  through a digital screen! 

We  can train consumers to read the  images, understand their own unique body canvas and and select the FIT for their approval –  in short  a program that teaches, ""Technical  Product Analysis  for fashion and style consumers & service providers (we’re actually launching such a program – BonnieSandy.com/stylecast …. or we can curate #badfit products online at  scoop.it/t/stylelust 

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