@bkfashionweek seeks Black fashion designers, Local Globaly Ethnic Fashion & Trends

Thanks So much for your support It’s been a great year! #HappyHolidays #Kwanzaa & #NewYear2015 from @Badassebs -@Bkfashionweek @Bkastylecode @28squared +BonnieSandy

Here we “Scoop” on post about Black fashion designers, Local and Globally about Ethnic designers, Fashion & Trends… I’m finally getting a hang of this curating …   I have to thank you for your support… Please share this and my other scoops with a friend @Bonnie Sandy 

We take an industry focus but do not to worry I’ve listed and I’ve added a new scoop Stylelust and next year I’ll look at items women and men would love to wear for life’ special occassions.
follow along and feel free to submit Valentines, and Bridal, Prom, Easter… Cruise

Finding info is tough so I’d appreciate it when ou submit directly at http://www.bonniesandy.com/contact-us/ ;

@badassebs seeks Black, Caribbean, African Fashion Designers, Local  Global  Ethnic Fashion & Trends 

It’s the first day of Christmas, the first day of Kwanzaa, and more importantly, for me at least the first day of the last week of the year. It’s time for Giving, Reflecting and CHANGE! Details about each below… http://www.bonniesandy.com/time-giving-reflecting-change/

First the Gifts 12 days of #Techmas – 12 days of tech tools, links and Business Ideas. a gift of Curation –
Then the Reflecting during #kwanzaa2014 – over seven days personal reflections and ideas on Embracing these principles in my Business, Community Personal and even Digital, Practices see more at Http://Kwanzaa2014.BonnieSandy.com
… and then an #offer handle your Change… with tech, #artstech, #Fashiontech, #Musictech, #Dancetech, #Artstech #Entertainmenttech #edutainmenttech Note we’ll explore Links & ideas included in the #techmas and in #Kwanzaa2014, These are just a few of the digital toolbox… and teh real magic is in teh strategy to adopt and adapt! This special offeris to the beta design lab… which means participants get an input into how this devops and shapes! help prepare your Summer product offering and 2015 Marketing efforts http://www.bonniesandy.com/tech/ ;

Dreams take FLIGHT when you simply
They get DIRECTION when you
They become
Truly enjoyable when you

I liked to thank everyone for their support it’s been a REMARKABLE year…
Technology has changed even the way we refer to ourselves so…
#HappyHolidays #Kwanzaa & #NewYear2015 from @Badassebs -@Bkfashionweek @Bkastylecode @28squared +BonnieSandy
2015 My weekly newletter begins

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