“UNCOVERED” The Christmas Special by @amillienconcepts – 12 Days of #techmas curation @Badassebs – Day 1

“UNCOVERED The Christmas Special – a promotional effort  Stemming from the success of the UNCOVERED web series hosted over the period of May – August this year on the A Millien Concepts YouTube Channel, Owner/Creative Producer Patrice Millien is spearheading another explosive extension of the project. “UNCOVERED” The Christmas Special reunites the cast to awaken the Christmas spirit with acoustic renditions of popular local (trinidad & Tobago) Christmas songs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS6Jxtb-ghIRknp2MBQyuGw “

Source: www.youtube.com

#Happyholidays A Christmas Special "UNCOVERED" The Christmas Special by @amillienconcepts – 12 Days of #techmas curation @Badassebs – Day 1 – 12 Days of #techmas curation @Badassebs – Day 1 – a 30 minute Youtube christmas special from my homecoutry of Trinidad and Tobago. this year my technology gifting takes a different approach! I’m using social media to ditribute teh cheer and goodwill. This young woman has created a platform not just for herself but some of the talented young people!

About 12 Days of Techmas Curations- Each year I "gift" technology. This year I’m curating and distributiong via my topics on Scoop it- http://sco.lt/7bQfAX  |  
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Each Business can have a GPlus page and channel! so "what would you do with technology if you could!" explore teh concepts online – Join me January-March as we look at business, and technology or simply to promote your skill and talent!

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