Y Combinator hires first black partner to recruit more minorities

Michael Seibel is joining the incubator as a full-time partner to coach high-tech hopefuls.

Source: www.usatoday.com

@Ycombinator @mwseibel you can always engage existing #blackintech #urbantech groups on FB and Gplus. Meetup etc. or do a search SMH. I can never figure out why those with diversity mission post on media with diversity issues! If you want to reach potential black, LBGT, Hispanic or any another group there’s a hashtag and more than one community groups for that! I’m for teh cause so I’ll share! 


Seriously I applaud the effort but we need to be real …   Somehow companies who refuse to step into black or diversity niches to bring their message of #diversity bothers me!  Even the many “black organizations”  can seldom be found within in the black communities until it’s time to pay for their conference…

FYI There are several arms of the Blacks in tech movement … 
This is my cynic’s list …Yup not all #Blacksintech have the same MO… to find REAl talent you’ll need to go scouting.
The Mimic’s those who try to fit black culture into Silicon…. 
The Urbanites those who try to simply add technology to the hood and stir … 
The social maverick they swear by @Mashables and exist on black twitter, they follow the mandates of gurus and influencers, never test theories and seldom read beyond what’s the latest trend. 
Then there are a few who can be found in hacker spaces, makerspaces, labs – the rebels…… you seldom see them. 
There are the old timers this is the second boon for them, but many still stick by the rules of " the good old days…" 
Finally are the community types… those who organize usually around tech in their passion. 
The fact is we sort of know each other and keep distant tabs on each as we nurture the vision of black tech businesses….

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