Fake or Break Bravado pros & Cons in #tech #fashion #Business #Live # Love #sex it pays to get real

We all do it sometimes, but could “faking it” actually hinder rather than help you in business? By Kathryn Lukaske (Freelance Senior SEO Copywriter) The other day, I was pondering the expression “Fake it till you make it”. Did you know that this catch phrase is so prevalent, it has its own Wikipedia page? It’s described as …

Source: women2.com

Fake or Break – Bravado pros & Cons In #tech  #fashion  #Business  #Live # Love #sex it pays to get real. 

The question is not so much whether we fear failing or looking foolish (as most of us have felt this at one time or another), but whether we allow these feelings to prevent us from taking the steps we need to achieve our goals.
The Confidence game- faking it to make it can be good just do not get caught up in your own charade!

Fear of being outed- imposter syndrome – someone who lives with a nervous undercurrent of fear that you’ll be “discovered” for not being experienced or smart or (fill in your fear here)

The faker – tend to deflect our requests for information, rather than admit that they don’t know the answer

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