#FashionTech Merges Online Offline Sales – 5 years since #fashioncampNYC #unconference

With online sales up 17% and physical retail down 11%, it’s no wonder retailers large and small are increasingly living online. An alternative to simply shuttering the windows, though, is to experiment with new technologies to integrate the showroom, the storefront, and the web.

Source: techcrunch.com

#FashionTech Merges Online Offline Sales – 5 years since @fashioncamp a #fashiontech #unconference. 10years since I started exploraing digital fashion. My cousin sent me this, yes #fashiontech is all the rage!
Why the sudden increased interest well according to BOF – "Fashion tech is "a $1.2 trillion market size, expected to grow to $2 trillion by 2018. To put that into perspective, the global SaaS market is around $20 billion. Cloud services is $131 billion. And enterprise software is $120 billion."

Check the video in teh original post! The interface looks slick but will it "work" somehow most in fashion cannot let go of standard procedures. – The only people who REALLY love going to the mall to actually shop for clothing are teenage girls! The store was the best solution pre-technology.

What about more practical logistics – Seriously why would I wait to go to the boutique, choose items, go to eat, then return for my fitting. When concpetually an Android Tv would allow me to have that experience on my 54"screen even place an order so that when I arrive at the store I can head straight to the fitting room! Better yet why leave the house- the items can be shipped and our stylist can work one on one via telepresence (few stylist actually are experts at fit). I could even have it delivered to my house by my own personal dressmaker so that it can be fitted to me.

We’re stuck to the old way of doing things! Look I LOVE the fast paced growth of #fashiontech but really are they solving the pain points for the consumer…
video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G3JIyG_GeY
image a simulate of conected shopping!
offline to online … using QR codes to take offline shopping (form pop up) home remember women NEVER make up their mind right away! they have to "match itto what ever else is in their closets… thnk itthrough and yes I’m open to partners for #fashiontech ideas there’s $2.2 Trillion to share!

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