It’s almost 2015 – Isn’t it time you got a grasp of this technology thing #digitalstrategy vs #website

“This year I decided to celebrate Cyber Monday by extending offers that would help others adopt technology in their businesses! There is no reason today for any person engaging in a hobby or a business not to have a web presence.”


It’s almost 2015 – Isn’t it time you got a grasp of this technology thing #digitalstrategy vs #website –  I explore technology in  digital strategy for those who do more than  write about technology. trust me there is a huge difference.  however  if you are doing ANYTHING digitally  you need a central  hub to call  your own! i am working with a young independent designer. Not only does she have to figure out  how best  to use social media, she also has to build her skills, design a line that her  consumers would love as well as find discover and court those customers. That is outside her  responsibilities of  paying off college debt and living  expenses. She could not wrap her mind around what i call a zero start program. You need money to make money.  after about a year she finally gave the option a chance… and while at first she was daunted by the technology… she was able to pull together a solution she is comfortable putting her name behind as she set me thinking of how many in my social circle do  not have a website… and no I do NOT recommend wix or weebly… few can truly  figure their way around what appears to be "easy" solutions. 

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