Delivery Start-Ups Are Back Like It’s 1999, who’s actually ‘delivering” Black by block #localdelivery

Silicon Valley wants to save you from ever having to leave your couch. Will it work this time around?


Delivery Start-Ups Are Back Like It’s 1999,  who’s actually ‘delivering" Black by block #localdelivery | 
Launched in January 2013 by May 2014 had raised $19.7 Million in 3 Rounds from 12 Investors from a site they set up in  1hr.  Together with similar start-ups with names like Caviar and SpoonRocket this niche  has recently raised half a billion dollars in investment. 

In 20 11 after attending  photohackday in 2011 and I met  and learned about  
 being a nontechnical part of a hack gives me time to ask  questions and speak to the  Developer Evangelist! In speaking to, I realized early on that delivery would be a problem for the food ordering service.  

“the one piece of the puzzle they have failed to eliminate is the hardest part of logistics, and the one Deighton says makes the entire business model unravel: the last few miles of the journey, getting small-ticket orders to far-flung houses.” As pointed out in this NYtime article

I went to a local business specializing in street marketing  and uniquely suited to this- I discussed this with the ceo, pointing out the opportunity and  the ease for pivoting his existing business.  I am not sure whether or not he could “envision” the potential, or was not convinced or simply not willing the take the risk. The end result is that companies like his are missing out. These are jobs that can be brought to our communities. I can guarantee he has not raised 1 million dollars.As  the next wave of tech product will be in those “hard to penetrate problem area”.  Local mom and pop as well a black businesses are reluctant to, or cannot take time take the 3-4 months to attend accelerator programs, yet they have the infrastructure and knowledge… and network.   

Niche- Delivery- Mobile, Small and Medium Businesses, Local, Logistics, Local Businesses –  


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