Positive images of beauty for everyone @Fosci how social is done.

“Focsi promotes love via the message of YABJAYA (You Are Beautiful Just As You Are!). Focsi is fun, funky, vibrant, & designed with You in mind.”

Source: www.myfocsi.com

What organic social sharing is about- simple someone made a comment on a discussion, posted a pic of a pillow to represent their point, it get shared. When  I saw it I just had to clicked through and thought the site and images was worth sharing…  No Incentives (or soft bribes) no hassle. Just good old fashion sharing! So what made me click through and share…  The bright bold style is simply worth sharing! Their images tell a story that I can identify with!  Positive illustrations of women of color on merchandise are rare!  Good product wins every time. 

See on Scoop.itBlack Fashion Designers


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