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NEW YORK, United States — It’s a sign of the times that one of the truly memorable moments of the New York Fashion Week that just ended did not actually include any clothing. Olivier Saillard’s performance, Models Never Talk, conjured up plenty of garments, but not a single one was physically on display. “We are in a moment that’s very bizarre in fashion: there are too many clothes,” the fashion curator and director of the Musée Galliera in Paris told The New York Times. Indeed, Saillard avoided adding anything to the Spring/Summer 2015 conversation: only memories and atmosphere. It felt refreshing. The performance, … More


Something is amiss in fashion and even this @BOF contributer picks it up! The first  step in teh journey  to change is to acknowledge their is a problem… 
"The main purpose of this whole industry is to dress real people, not to stage theatrical plays, that’s for sure. Yet, the whole point should be to create something new and wearable." 

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