Reality Check – Plug the Holes for a Banner Holiday 2014

Business means making a profit…  in this session we speak on  Improving Quality  &  Perception of Value Pricing  for Positionaing  & Profit Planning producti…


Ignoring what I say hurts only  you, Your customer cannot photoshop bad fit or terrible construction, $16,000 a year is Below the US poverty line, "25-65 and upwardly mobile" is NOT a customer profile…
Inbox me is not a web business
want me to go on…
REALITY CHECK is an evening most down to earth question and answers from a designer who’s made six figures…. Bonnie Sandy aka Bonnie Sandy Sterling

#fashiontech Tics now 30% off till midnight from @Bkfashionweek FB " #Bkstylecon Ticket" tab – use Code- " BK-ECOSYSTEM2014" for 30% till midnight Tuesday 9th
Event will be at Stratosphere, 227 Utica Ave Brooklyn NY
Wednesday 17th 6-9pm
Full list to professional seminars here

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