Are You About to See a Lot of ‘Normcore’ on the Runways?

Your ultimate guide to New York Fashion Week.

Millennials are fueling new tech-native brands like Nasty Gal and Brit retailer Asos. But millennials also practice fauxsumerism — the art of looking, enjoying and interacting with merchandise without making a purchase, according to research by Noise/The Intelligence Group, a market research firm. But as they get older — and richer — millennials will be expected to have spent $2.5 trillion total and to represent 75 percent of the work force by 2025, the same research showed.

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In short  no one knows quite what is the correct call in this  new #fashiontech driven frontier.  It’s not just a Fashiontech  problem… apathy  is pervasive and their are some symptoms data cannot   pinpoint. Local businesses do not have the budget to sustain experimentation; to sustain prolonged trial and error.  

It’s the reason That  local sector needs  a conference with sessions to address the issue… 

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