@mashstartups I’ll stop calling for #Startupdiversity in @nytech #fashiontech sites like @ofakind reflect NY’s Diverse population

 When funders start asking for a diversity report trust me  this will stop!  There are some field that  you would expect challenges… but  there is no reason for a lack of diversity  in #fashiontech  in NYC especially in the supply chain.. Apparently  some things cannot be left to human “decency”! 

SMH… you know that point in a video came when you think you’ve made some progress and you turn and see all the  demons AGAIN. This is BS.

check http://www.ofakind.com/designers This is NYC you cannot tell me tha tthey cannot  find suitable diverse “of a kind” designers in NY or the broader country.. but in  NY SMH.  I also  know some have called them on this before! The irony is I went to the site almost comfortable that a NY  city  #fashiontech stratup will reflect  diversity. 

@mashstartups #Startupdiversity when funders start asking for a diversity report this will stop!  I went to the site while answering a question on my personal Fb page on the role my race has played in the "opportunity" and recognition  in "Fashiontech." (will post on that tomorrow)  But I wanted to show some diversity… if any I trusted a NYTech site would reflect  tech diversity!  SMH… too much to hope for. I checked the incubators and accelerators, the confernec panels…  So sad! .. 

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