About FashionCampNYC 2009was @NYTech first major #Fashiontech Event – #startupdiversity @fashioncamp

 “More and more NY Design and  tech worlds are colliding and I am amazed about how much they have in common and how little they know about each other !  I am not speaking of  shopping or  Social  Shopping;-  We are looking at … Continue reading →

Source: www.bonniesandy.com

SERIOUSLY 5 years later the call for #startupdiversity in @nytech still has not been fully answered. Why? Empathy understanding what  is needed, what is desired, what is felt  is lacking. You cannot  do so from inside "gated" walls. you have to get into the diverse communities… and speak to more than your ‘friends". Hype also  does not  "solve" the problem. You have to dig in , plug the holes, do the work! Journalist,  well Bloggers, need to do due diligence, so taht  great minds can identify what is needed. Just saying… 

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