@Pinterest ‘s take on direct messages aka another reason to spend time away from your Business

If there’s one thing the App Store is saturated with, it’s messengers: WhatsApp, of course, but also Facebook’s, and Snapchat, and Hangouts, and Line, and Kik, and all the rest. So why would P…

Source: www.theverge.com

Introducing @Pinterest  direct messages aka another reason to spend time away from your Business! All I really want is Just one tool to manage converstaions across platforms & devices on my "premesis"!  Is that so hard to ask for! How am I to  get  work done if I’m always in someone else’s Backyard…   I either neglect  my  work or hre someone (continually adding cost)   My main problem with companies in the #Conversationprism is that they are about their bottom line… not about  solving my needs.  to have everyone’ "convers" on the platform of their choice and see all the responses in real time without havng to sign up to some mandatory  third party…. that’s my new meaning of Independence!  
This collection of articles on the conversation prism, social media and how it is or can change the way  I as an individual and society at large interact in  "business’. Please Support  join my  newsletter & events list   http://vip.bonniesandy.com

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