Could 3D avatars replace supermodels? #3dscanning #virtualfitting #virtualmodels #fashiontec

Bad news, girls: new research suggests that lifelike virtual humans could take over the runway


Wrapping a digital layer around a virtual Body  won’t solve fit- You need to connect  that  virtual body the digital layer, the  human and the  clothing, not  at teh end point but   from the start of the design process . There’s still a lot  to  figure out till we’re at that  point . As i pointed out  to @DazedMagazine A 3d avatar is about  individual uniqueness in fashion it’s  also about  fit  and visualizing how it looks on one’s  "double". Let’s face it supermodels don’t do that. A 3D avatar of a supermodel is a merchandizing product for her brand.   That’s an added value. I  first  wrote on  3D avatars , in fashion and Yahoo’s patent application for search involving 3d avatars in 2008/9 .  Most comanies are only now connecting the dots.  You still need a high powered digital scanning setup and even then ave even then few have started  compensating for multi-ethnic differences including how technology  sees’ darker skin tones and differing body  proportions.   Unless these are solved it  simply playing with digital   


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