E-Tailers Must Tell Consumers Where Their Products Are Made – retailers also

SYDNEY, Australia — In the wake of last year’s tragedy at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, much has been written about the widening gap between producer and end consumer in the global garment industry. As fast fashion companies, in particular, aim to speed up production, while simultaneously increasing profit margin, supply chains have become increasingly murky and customers are often left with little idea as to where, how and by whom their clothes are made. Unfortunately, the rise of e-commerce has done nothing to improve transparency, as consumers shopping most fashion e-tailers are exposed to very limited information on how and where … More

Source: www.businessoffashion.com

Even it is not  law why not  be open with COO (country of origin) – Made in (country) of (fabrication)  and (materials)  

See on Scoop.it@BadasseBs


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