Continuum Shoes — Laurel

Video montage of making of Continuum’s wearable 3D printed  Laurel Tree Sandal.  Sample- to get  indie designers familiar with  fashion tech


#Solarized #conductive #lasercutting #digitalprinting #3dprinting #computationaldesign #wearablecomputers #androidwear # #haptics recyled fabrics from bottles, cars, plastic- how well do you realy know #fashiontech. 

Sept14th-21st #BKstylecode Conference connects the local indie fashion designers to tech explaining the process, the machines, the material , how to, where to as well as busines opportunities! 
Workshops on 3D scanning, designing for 3D printing Samples of available materials already in the works. Now looking  at  tech material- solarized dyes & conductive fabric, inks beads,threads and notions as well workshops on how to integrate into fashions and accessories. side by side with actual topic on affordable quality local design  and production, as well as business and tools and devices for offline and online and social retail.  One simple goal, each attendees leave with an understanding of "how to" proceed and adopt and adapt these emerging  tech!   

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