#Brooklyn is #Local creativity @thebrooklyndesignfair @brooklyn_mall BrooklynSquare Pretoria SA

Situated on the rooftop of Brooklyn Mall Pretoria, the Brooklyn Design Fair aims to create a sustainable pop-up event.

Source: www.brooklyndesignfair.co.za

where your #BKStyle at- @thebrooklyndesignfair is in @brooklyn_mall in #Brooklyn Square, Pretoria, South Africa.  

Apparently they’re not pretenders to the "Brooklyn Brand," Brooklyn Square is a geographical location in pretoria South Africa…  something we cannot say about many… granted their Brooklyn May be differnt from ours but thus far that  "creativity" thing is consistent! So is there a Brooklyn Near you … and what’s teh local creative seen like there
Brooklyn by Design is a curation in art & design lifetyle in the borough of Brooklyn NY for www.Brooklynfashionweek.com  and www.Brooklynfashiongallery.com please take a look and enjoy! 

See on Scoop.itBrooklyn By Design


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