What #Local #NYC #americanmade #Blackfashiondesigner and machine knit at an artisan level looks like

This is my WHY in #fashtech! leveraging technology to by-pass, #Patternmatchingss issues and give real local  designers on the Brooklyn scene some exposure. The bigger reason- tech can make tasks easier while Exposing and supporting the many extremely gifted artisan, crafters, designers and colleagues!

Leveraging technology to increase exposure and sales. for art, for craft for business!   

What if we used technology … to change how designers sourced?
Changed how they designed? 
What if they used technology to get better measurement, make and grade pattern. To cut the cost of how they show and sold.  tok orders invoiced , delivered… What if they used technology to train workers, teach what would that look like cradle to cradle the sector is changing yet few companies  spend the time SHOWING these entrepreneurs “How to!” 

Why aren’t they.  


image- Master designer and Label Michi Knitwear front and Back views of two unique looks. www.michikniwear.com. Local designers check out  and submit to for listing on  www.BrooklynFashionWeek.com   

What if #startups shifted those huge marketing budgets to customer development!  What if they  actually bought local products from those they sold to,  circulated thattech wealth into teh community! trade not aid…   

See on Scoop.itBlack Fashion Designers


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