Yes the new Gmail Promotions Tab Grid View has affected the way I interact with Emails.

How the new Gmail Promotions Tab Grid View has affected the way I interact with Emails. 

My promtion tab now shows the new grid view and I LOVE It! Simply put, what I open is changing, what I keep is also affected and how I react with the promotion tab in genral is different… Each moring I usually do a quick first edit… If the Subject line does not attract me, It’s gone. I’d simply tick and trash a group at time.

I spentteh last few weeks getting more familiar with Plus Google and Gmail and prepping for holiday marketing. There is a huge learning curve. one aspect i sto engage the tools as a consumer. I open emails at least once a day. Lately though I opening the promotion tab last and SAVOR the visuals…

What I open has definitely changed, So too has what I keep. Essentially I like a nice grid of images and find myself getting rid of emails with no images.

Of those with no images the headline has to sell an offer I cannot refuse… then I’ll keep and open later.

that said… I find that the ‘reputation" or my perception of the value of whathe email is ‘offering’ is still ultimately what creates conversion. yes Email is a whole lot more "fun" . It’s that feeling I get scrolling a pinterest page! What if offer took that appoach- give me something to pin and share! posted to

Image screen shot of my pomotional tab… 
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