EASY does not always do the job @Squarespace is such a TERRIBLE platform for small businesses

Source: www.summerscreen.org

@Squarespace is such a TERRIBLE site for marketing for small businesses why  do they  use this… This week i got a call asking for help sharing a page… turns out it was hosted  on Squarespace. Now I’m trying to share an event  for one of my  scoops and i now have to maually  add teh info… I’ve noticed this for another small site I’m helping… EASY  does not always do the  job 

Scoop it  allows me to  upload images  etc, but this is not my site, I’m sharing it on the Brooklyn by Design  scoop… I have no vested interest in taking the time to do the work… so why are you using square space… becaus eit’s free… get a Blogger or Tumblr! 

Btw here’s the link to Brooklyn’s  Free summer film series


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