10 Best Practices for Live Streaming Production – @StreamingMedia Magazine

Live online video is exploding in popularity, so read these expert tips to get perfect results when moving an event from the camera to the viewer’s screen… 

Even when all the content, talent, cameras, lighting, and audio are worked out, live streaming event production is far from over. The workflow to get the signal from the camera to the viewing audience can make or break the production.

There’s no single solution that fits all budgets and types of events. But in this article I will review some of the best practices and tips to make sure your live event streams go off without a hitch. I’ll cover some information that should be useful to beginners but hopefully more advanced producers will learn something new as well.

These tips come from interviews with industry experts, discussions from panels I’ve moderated at Streaming Media conferences, and my own experiences.

Source: www.streamingmedia.com

Live Streaming is not  only about "Production" businesses now Live stream  their business activities -10 Best Practices  – @StreamingMedia Magazine that may help. I am  encountering more instances where I really need to "livestream" from teh design studio, while trade show shopping, workshops, places where an entourage of "crew’ won’t  work. So  how does this work in that situation.


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