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NEW YORK, United States — Software as a service (SaaS), enterprise and mobile all have one thing in common: they are the bread and butter of most venture capital firms and angel investors. You would be hard pressed to find a VC who doesn’t have a portfolio dominated by tech start-ups. But as the global economy evolves, we are beginning to see disruptions in areas that were once ignored. However, there is still one industry that has yet to go mainstream with investors: fashion. It’s no surprise that fashion isn’t really on the radar of most traditional Silicon Valley investors — … More

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

 "Just Fashion?" –  Global #fashion $1.2 trillion | #SAAS – @$20B #Cloud – $131B #Enterprise $120B| What is the #fashiontech potential? One of several articles I’m tapping for articles on www.bonniesandy.com/blog  to wrap up 10 years of research before moving  forward – June 1st! 

So many arrogantly  dismiss the potential of their local fashion sector as well as the facts and culture of how these sector actually  run.  I’ve realized that  Investments won’t make a difference if the a) wrong questions  are being addressed and b) incorrect strategy are initialized ar taught and c) wrong  logic is being applied used in the design of solutions!  

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