3Doodler @Kickstarter 3D Pen available @MoMA Store for just $99! #fashiontech

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The first 3D printing pen, this innovative tool enables the user to create 3D designs whenever the mood strikes. Designers, artists, teachers, and architects can now test out their ideas in a way that’s quick, easy, and fun. Doodle freestyle or trace shapes from templates to make larger complex structures. The pen extrudes a steady stream of malleable plastic that stays suspended in space as it cools, bringing whatever design you can imagine to life right before your eyes. Includes two packs of mixed-color ABS strands. Compatible with ABS or PLA plastic filaments. 3D-printing is a process explored by the Museum and featured in its exhibition Applied Design.

3Doodler is featured in the Kickstarter@MoMA Design Store collaboration, and was brought to life by 26,547 backers on Kickstarter.

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

3Doodler @Kickstarter 3D Pen available @MoMA Store for just $99! follow link- #fashiontech .can be ordered online from teh Moma Store!  This kickstarter Moma collaboration is a  chance for many to get their hands on or (see) some of teh  cool cwordfunded product! 

See on www.momastore.org


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