Scaling a Craft-Based Business – sound, strong production facility & focused distribution via BoF

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NORTHAMPTON, United Kingdom — No fewer than eleven rivers dissect the countryside surrounding Northampton. From the river Avon’s tortuous upper-course, habitually prone to breaking its banks, to Rains Brook’s shy babbling, the area’s unique topography, which supplies the constant streams of rushing water required to tan leather, has defined the English town and its inhabitants for centuries. “The visitor to Northampton will at once be reminded, by the leather aprons and grimy faces which haunt the streets, that he is in the land of shoemakers,” says Murray’s Handbook for Travellers, published in 1878. It’s a fitting description of a town … More

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

Craftsmanship  does not mean "of your own hands" a heritage brand can have have a sound and strong production facility, The challenge in the new craft economy is dispelling the belief that  a craft  brand is limited.  Training revising  production procedures, merchandising all the points entioned are applicable to any  small local business! With teh program  I developed I’ve seen production grow from 50 units a month  to 400 and 1000 units depending on product. So many issues definitely a recommended read! 

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