“Designer Makeup Collection” Takes on New Meaning -Mink Digital Printer at #disruptnyc14 #fashiontech #Innovation economy..

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“Color and the right to the colors I want, is an  Important part of my design philosophy and cultural Identity!  The Image was/is part of a demo I am developing to teach designers and customers to  create their own color palettes!  SO that The news of Mink across my stream was a rare moment of orgasmic tech… Proof we need more women in tech. GraceMink a tech company creating a product for women by a woman- Mink promises to turn ” any camera, phone or laptop into an endless beauty aisle”… right now I have a shopping bag full of makeup palettes  most of the colors I do not  need simply for a color I like… That said thereare a lot of questions, many asked in the comments of this youtube video. There is a learning curve and adaoption challenges, but this technology is a natural progression.  However I see this more as a cottage industry market… Yes, tech startups there is such a thing.  

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

#Emerging #MUA #Stylist #IndieDesigners #Colorist what would you  do if  you could print  you  own make up  #solours  It’s Time for  creatives to beef up their  digital color skills! The image was a prep for a digital color workshops showing how your favorite social meia Images can inspire your Fashion palette… the fact that  you can now  use it to create color palettes for makeup … takes Color and inependent style  to  a whole new level. On teh other hand those who create make up need to figure out how theu can create makeup for such a sytem. hopefully the  company  does not try to  monopolize that… since make up is a VERY personal issue! Seriously want to explore new technology in fashion and beauty  feel free to connect  with me http://www.bonniesandy.com/contact-us/

Get in line for the launch or news of preorders http://l.aunch.us/LT6E


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