The “Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute gala.” shows few stylist know Charles James

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Lupita Nyong’o fumbled at the Super Bowl of fashion.

The actress, who became a global icon after her Oscar win this year for “12 Years a Slave,” went to Monday night’s annual Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute gala in a beaded flapper-esque Prada outfit.

“Lupita Nyong’o losing the perfect score she had been keeping until now,” tweeted Simple Style Guy.
E Online added, “Um…did Lupita Nyong’o just make her first fashion misstep?”

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

I  miss Andre Leon Talley- at least his commentary  was based on knowledge and understanding. I’m tired of writers who "know" Tthis was not a "fashion" event but the "Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute gala." celebrating the work of Charles James. It’s like going to a 70’s party in  80’s clothing…  When we see the others simply regurgitating the same "accepted" looks at least one can appreciate Lupita’s attempt… the MET is a Musem… art, history, costume… outfits should be more on the creative, expressive side… Now if only the stylist understood the work of Charles james… Sad really. Just  shows how much teh MET is needed! 

The 1920’s would be too early (Charles james was born in  1906)… he would have come of age 1930’s-his death in 1970’s

for an up close view put teh Met exhibit on your schedule

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