Fashion’s Missed Muslim Market Opportunity – @BOF Fashion is not just American or European “Luxury”

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LONDON, United Kingdom — Muslim fashion. Simply juxtaposing these two words can cause consternation in some circles. Interpretations of a Koranic verse (an-Nur chapter 24, verse 30) advocating modesty and espousing appropriate female attire (enforced by law in some countries) have long restricted what many Muslim women can wear, distancing them from Western fashion culture. But, today, experts say, things are changing and increasing numbers of Muslim women want to dress fashionably and express their individuality through clothing. The shift is being driven, in part, by significant demographic trends in the Muslim world. “There are varying estimates of the Muslim population, … More

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

Fashion’s Missed Muslim Market Op?portunity – @BOF Fashion is not just  American or European  "Luxury"- these markets have always existed but like Columbus many refuse to acknowledge, till "they" discover them they  do not exist!  

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