Period Piece ‘Belle’ Offers Unique Look at 18th Century Slavery

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“THE POSTCARD: Taken from a portrait of Dido Belle and Lady Elizabeth Murray, which is housed in the art collection of the Earl of Mansfield. “I came onboard on the basis of the portrait,” Asante says. “I did lots of research to find out who this girl was, why she was there, why she looked like an aristocrat at a time when everyone who looked like her was probably a slave. And who was brave enough to commission a painting in which a white person and a person of color are of equal (standing)? I looked at the painting and saw a combination of history, politics and art in a single image.”

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

I have long complianed that black creative are not given  room to dream beyond cultural barriers for fear of retribution often from our own… maybe it is that were are too  "afraid" to  do so!  Kudos to this director for grasping that right! Now to see how she handles the  job! 

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