The missing links in #creativetech #artstech #Fashiontech More than User-friendly #3Dprinting software

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One of the biggest obstacles for 3D printing is its unintuitive CAD software. To gain mass appeal, the process has to become more user-friendly with simpler tools.

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

The missing links in #creativetech #artstech #Fashiontech: More than User-friendly #3dprinting software – we need tech evangelism on a user level –  

The digital camera has shown teh world of opportunity in  consumer  electronic. Consumer cnc products can have an even  bigger impact! These articles came as I’m reviewing  where our poject in adaptation and adoption stands.

to gain mass appeal this technlogy  and samples of applicable solutions need to go on tour 

The price of material has to  drop so that items made from these can  be affordable – not  just software nor machinerey  but inks,  filaments  etc  
We need neighborhood maker spaces studios and labs 

Companies need to invest in the consumer… "Regular folks need access"  thus far thai has been teh playground of thinkers who have become  "makers’ but what about the creative community… 
this photoshop is great but I’m still try getting some of my  colleagues to learn something else… they’re stil trying to figure out the  "full potential of their home printers"
Image – I’ve learned to "show to  tell" and connect the dots… Listening to teh user shapes tech in a very different manner… and opens tech to differing cohorts… 
each year we take on thechallenge… I’m now embarking on design with female  consumers  step one … education that this exist! 
Please contact me  to  participate, for details on  or to support or  collaborate or sponsor

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