#RevenueModels – trailers rentals & purchase- how @NYtech scene is changing – Launching an app seminar

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Couldn’t make it out to our mobile panel on Tuesday 3/25 at Aviary? We got you covered. Check out the full video of the startup panel that covered how to launch,…

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

#RevenueModels – trailers rentals &  purchase- how @NYtech scene is changing – Launching an app seminar. In the early days much of this info was available free of charge… and honestly This price is a bargain the challenge is that many are not quite sure who’s giving you info  or how accurate it is! Especially in Fashiontech  and the artstech… so buyer beware. However if you are following  someone and KNOW their point of view these micropayments are a steal compared to teh $100 per vent!

if you have events seminars  in the creative, arts or fashion tech space or on any digital business tools or revenue model … feel free to submit it… bonniesandy.com/contact-us

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