Op-Ed | What is Fashion For? – Art vs Apparel and the quest to sell!

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NEW YORK, United States — This weekend, I read a curious piece of writing by the highly esteemed, recently departed New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn. Horyn, who has devoted twenty years of her life to writing about fashion, argued that today, above all, she and many women like her, want clothes that offer comfort. “The desire to be comfortable is profound, shaping attitudes and markets,” she wrote. Comfort, not in the sense of wearing sweatpants all day, but unfussy clothes. This seems fair enough. But as the article unfolded, Ms. Horyn pointed her pen at the fashion avant-garde: … More

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

What do you as a woman or man want from your clothing?
Does you clothing  "express Your meaning" or is  ithat  imposed by others?
Can Apparel be art or building blocks for YOUR  personal expression.
I love well made Apparel
Fashion as Art can bring me to my feet… there should be no  reason why the two cannot co-exist!
Do we need to train the designer as artist to make great apparel or is it easier to train the apparel maker to design artistically! 

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