As a #paypal user I support @davidmarcus ‘Some Of You Refused To Install The PayPal App (!!?!?!!)’

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“In closing, if you are one of the folks who refused to install the PayPal app or if you can’t remember your PayPal password, do yourself a favor, go find something that will connect with your heart and mind elsewhere. A life devoid of purpose, and passion in what you do everyday is a waste of the precious time you have on this earth to make it better.”

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

I HATE caling  support at  these tech comapnies and finding someone who NEVER uses the  product! So  I 100% support  what he said… Wish more "Leaders’  will get  some proverbial… 

As for how he did it…  if he wrote it, I’l bet he has said it on many  occassions. There is a general apathy that  affects the final product and customer service and finally someone is saying something about it.

Not Liking the product… SPEAK UP 
If you  do not  think it is the best then  improve it it.

If  you believe there is something  better … go  seek It

If the company that  pays your salary closes… It’s your loss… it’s in your interest and if you want 100% of teh profit…  Start your own.  

You are not doing  this company a favor. 



If you are selling  something  you  do NOT believe in what a waste…  … sadly most from the comments most of the peole who do not "GET" it….

First up  the app is free.  The incident  he spoke of was a TEST… part of the job… they were not doing a "favor".  they were simply avoiding their job. 

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