The Internet of Everything: Let’s Get This Right | It’s the VALUE of connections that matter

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“The new era will not be measured by the number of users, devices, or connections. What is changing the world, profoundly, is the value those connections make possible. ..


Every business — no matter what size — will have to have a personal relationship with each customer to survive.


 As an individual, you will truly choose the world in which you want to live…


For every two people connected around the globe, there are 5 others who soon will be. And for every device connected to the internet, 10 more will join it in the near future. As that happens, our world will transform more in the next 20 years than it has in all of human history

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

as a business Your Value proposition will differntiate you… Your Value to the cohort  as well as the individual will matter… 
Which means that the supply  chain WILL CHANGE…   

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