Caught in a Revolving Door of Unemployment – time to create you own “job”

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If long-term joblessness is cyclical, a growing economy should bring people back into the job market. But if structural factors are at play, the concern is dire for the whole economy, with a normal unemployment rate “significantly higher than what has been achieved in the past,” said Janet L. Yellen, the presumptive new Federal Reserve chairwoman, in a speech this year.

Right now, most economists argue that unemployment remains primarily cyclical. 

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

At  some point, our society needs to be honest. There are no jobs. 

To be clearer the ratio of  available jobs to  those needing  jobs is NOT improving. Industries need to be created first before employees can be paid, before they can be hired. That means a cultural shift’

Imagine what would happen if  creating  jobs via the setting up of one’s own business was held in the highest  esteem and seen as the ultimate achievement. 

At  some point the  unemployed, society, will have to  make a conscious decision to create their own source of income even  as the tech community has  done trade their skills for equity. That means investing their resources in exchange, upfront, for payment rather than waiting  for the promise of payment.

In helping  individual strategies the creating  of a "means of support"  one of the most difficult transition is dealing with a sense of  "failure" if not "employed". 

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